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Our motto is “Reliable quality and accuracy” in domestic and overseas market and we have been trying our best to meet user’s needs for about 90years as a pioneer in industry since our founder Denjiro Kotera started manufacturing Japan’s first level in Ichioka Mnato-ku Osaka in 1919.
We inherit “Manufacturer’s sprit” and “Technology” since our establishment, and set up integrated production systems that allow experienced technician to conduct from processing materials to assembly.
We carry out manufacturing of vials, processing frames, adjusting assembling accuracy under high technology and quality control.
We also acquired quality management system ISO 9001 certification in July 2001 and we are committed to make all efforts to manufacture the product to meet user’s demands.
We devote ourselves to our duty, spread the technology of a predecessor to all the staff and move ahead.
We hope to receive your continued patronage in the future.

Tateki Kotera



Apr 1919 Denjiro Kotera established “Kotera measuring instrument factory” and started manufacturing Japan’s first level in Ichioka Minato-ku Osaka-shi Osaka.
Apr 1944 Established Akatsuki MFG. Ltd. in Ayabe-shi Kyoto and manufactured wooden emergency demand product for navy.
Feb 1945 Osaka factory was burned down due to the war damage and moved to Ayabe-shi Kyoto and restarted manufacturing levels.
Aug 1945 End of war. Restarted manufacturing levels on a large scale.
Apr 1976 Changed company name to “Akatsuki MFG. Co., Ltd.” (capital 20,000,000yen).
Jul 1978 Increased the capital to 30,000,000yen.
Nov 1993 Built new head office.
Mar 2001 Increased the capital to 40,000,000yen.
Jul 2001 Acquired ISO9001certification.
Oct 2006 Introduced laser maker.
May 2012 Opened Tokyo office (Akabanekita Kita-ku Tokyo).
Sep 2012 Opened Osaka office (Kosaka Higashiosaka-shi Osaka).
May 2021 Opened Aichi office (Shintomi-cho Kariya-shi Aichi).


Company Profile

Head Office

Address 53 Ishiburo Inokurashimmachi, Ayabe-shi, Kyoto, 623-0051 Japan 

Establishment April 1944
CEO Tateki Kotera
Phone 0773-42-1001
FAX 0773-42-2043
Email info@kod-level.co.jp


Osaka Office

Address 2-2-24 Kosaka Higashiosaka-shi, Osaka, 577-0801 Japan 

Phone 06-6785-7477
FAX 06-6785-7769

*All product will be shipped from Kyoto head office. Please contact head office (Phone: 0773-42-1001) for product enquiry.


Aichi Office

Address 1F SOCIO Kariya Shintomicho
2-31-1 Kariya-shi Shintomi-cho, Aichi 448-0045 Japan 

Phone 0566-95-8380
FAX 0566-95-8390

*All product will be shipped from Kyoto head office. Please contact head office (Phone: 0773-42-1001) for product enquiry.



Various aluminium level, iron level, wood level, small level for machinery built-in and all-purpose level
Various plumb bob, gradient gauge for drainage, slope gauge alminium level, slant rule, level with a goniometer, drain tube centering level, plumb bob with catch, cutter scale, level for survey pole and laser level


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